The Department of Law has existed ever since the establishment of the New Bulgarian University in 1991. Students are enrolled in the Master’s program in Law, which complies with the Ordinance of Unified State Requirements for Obtaining Higher Education Degree in the “Law” Specialty and Professional Qualification “Lawyer”. The course of study ends with state examinations (written and oral examinations).

The Master’s program of Law was accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (NAQAA) in Protocol Nr 20 of 10 June 2004, and then in Protocol Nr 24 of 16 July 2010.

The PhD program in the Department of Law also received accreditation for scholarly specialties: 05.05.08. Civil and Family Law and 05.05.16. Penalty Law by NAQAA in Protocol Nr 24 of 16 July 2010.

The academic staff in the Department of Law comprises 30 highly-qualified professionals, who have established themselves in the theory and practice of law and who participate actively in research exchanges with Bulgarian and international universities.

Following a proposal of the Department, the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of New Bulgarian University was conferred upon:
• Prof. Alfred Kellermann – Secretary General of T.M.C. Asser Instituut, Institute for Private and Public International Law, International Commercial Arbitration and EU law;
• Prof. Ingolf Pernice – Dean of the Law School of Humboldt University, Berlin.
There is a Students’ Law Club within the framework of the Department of Law. It is active in organizing public talks, seminars and conferences, on current issues in the creation of law and law enforcement, the aim of which is to enhance students’ knowledge of law and their practical skills.
Research projects and research projects of the Department of Law:
• Jean Monnet Chairs Project, Ref. C02/0066 – European Integration, contract between NBU and the European Commission, Nr. 2002-4299/001 – 001 JMO;
• Bilateral agreement under the Erasmus Program for collaboration and student exchange between NBU and the University of Cologne, Germany;
• Specialized terminology seminar, Brussels, European Parliament;
• Fourth Regional Friedrich Born Moot Court Competition in International Humanitarian Law – Warsaw, Poland;
• Competition in International Humanitarian Law in Sarajevo;
• Paper presentations in the National Student Scholarly Forum, and others.
Throughout the years, academics and students at the Department have been publishing continually their research findings in the scholarly journal Law Review, in the electronic journal Law Journal of NBU and in the Yearbook of the Department. The publication of Legal Collection marked the 15th Anniversary of the Department in 2006 and in 2011 another edition of the Collection commemorated the 20th Anniversary of NBU and the Master’s program in Law.

The research activities of the Department of Law are focused on participation in the contemporary national and international legal systems, on development of R&D projects and on dissemination of research findings.
Since 2001, students have been working in groups on current legal issues under the guidance of the academics of the Department and have been presenting their papers at student seminar series, the best of which are published in the electronic journal Law Journal of NBU.

The Department hosts numerous events, connected with the teaching of law, the reforms in legal education, the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union. In addition, legal seminars, international scholarly symposiums, as well as Moot Court student competitions are organized.


Department Chair:
Prof. Veselin Vuchkov Ph.D.
Building 1, Room 410
Tel.: 02/8110 420; ext. 14102
Tsvetelina Todorova
Building 1, Room 410
Tel.: 02/8110 410; ext. 14101
e-mail: ctodorova@nbu.bg